Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Theistic evolution- that oxymoron

+ @ Facebook, one finds Klink's article against theistic evolution. It, Jerry Coyne's ' Seeing and Believing" [ Google his name to find the article and also his ' Intergalactic Jesus"] and Amiel Rossow's essay on Kenneth Miller @ Talk Reason, to ponder that theistic evolution is indeed an oxymoron, contradicting natural selection as the means for evolution.Religion and evolution are not really compatible on the side of science; from the side of religion, they can be.
The teleonomic/ atelic argument gainsays that God has any in-put into the evolutionary process: such in-put contradicts selection, the non-planning, anti-chance agency of Nature. To argue otherwise makes the new Omphalos argument that He has in-put deceividly whilst selection only apparently has force but is under His control: nay, science illustrates no such thing!
Those three writings illustrate that errancy can be as silly as inerrancy. Klink notes how errantists twist the Tanakh to their way of thinking, which is on par with that of i to natural causes to explain things.
And the presumption of naturalism attests that not only are natural causes and explanations, efficient and necessary, they are also primary and sufficient: they are the sufficient reason. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz notwithstanding. This neither begs the question nor sandbags theists or paranormalists, but is simply the demand for evidence as Einstein overcame Newton.